Como remover mensagens do Exhange

Ola Pessoal,

Neste post o time do MSExchange mostra como remover mensagens nas mais varias versoes do Exchange, usando MFCMapi para limpar filas do exchange 2003 (bem legal!) e no final usando transport rules para fazer isto de forma pro-ativa.

Ever so often, an Exchange administrator faces a situation where messages that fit specific criteria need to be removed from a large number of mailboxes or from Exchange transport queues. The need may arise due to some sort of mass mailing, a message sent accidentally to a large distribution group or individual recipients, or it could be one of the steps required to be taken as a part of cleanup efforts after a mass-mailing virus outbreak (although the latter have been increasingly rare and generally taken care of by Exchange-aware antivirus scanners).

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Grande Abraco,
Anderson Patricio
Twitter: @apatricio

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